ICO Engine is the first tool Powered by Eidoo that allows users to participate in ICOs through the Eidoo mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) with a user-friendly procedure, in a secure system and with a growing community.

The ICO Engine website brings together several great upcoming ICOs, allowing users to get to know them according to their features: from the project to the team, from the start date to what they intend to collect.

ICO Engine combines the Eidoo app with the expertise of Bitmax, an exchanger authorized to manage payments in fiat money and currently the leader in the ICO industry in Switzerland.

ICO Engine is, therefore, a sort of social network dedicated to ICOs which ensures, with its KYC procedure, high visibility thanks to over 500.000 Eidoo downloads on mobile devices worldwide and more than 20.000 KYC verified users.


FinLantern is an international network with a database of over 120,000 financial professionals (Financial Analysts, Economists, Portfolio Managers, Traders and Cryptocurrency Experts) from all over the world. FinLantern has achieved a leading position in the organization of events in the financial sector in Switzerland, Italy and, through a network of partners, also in Paris, Montecarlo, Munich, Frankfurt, London and New York.

The main feature of FinLantern events is the opportunity, thanks to the “FinLantern Community”, to access the delegate list, select the most interesting profiles, send them messages and organize useful 1-2-1 meetings during the event. FinLantern Community is a great tool to develop new business relationships and make your experience at FinLantern events even more unique.